About us

Molecular Products is a world leader in the design and manufacture of life critical devices for the treatment of breathable gases. Where there is a finite quantity of air, Molecular Products’ leading edge technologies will sustain human life independently, or collectively, to maintain a breathable environment.


At the heart of what we do

Our innovative technology portfolio includes activated carbon filtration media for use in air purifying respirators, to carbon dioxide absorbers for the removal of carbon dioxide during anesthesia. These products are exported to over 80 countries for a broad range of markets including medical, defense, diving and industrial safety.

Molecular Products business has grown from its beginnings as a small producer of lab-based and industrial chemicals, to an international manufacturer of cutting edge solutions to maintain breathable atmospheres in some of the most challenging environments.

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Industry Leaders

Our global footprint includes three manufacturing facilities, five sales offices, six regional logistics hubs and a team of truly innovative people. Our business is fuelled by our values. Respect, integrity, pride and community sit at the core of everything we do.