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Liquid Hydrogen Catalysts Helping Global Hydrogen Producers Be More Productive

Tuesday 25th October 2022

Molecular Products recently joined energy companies, equipment manufacturers, investors and government representatives for the Hydrogen Americas Summit in Washington DC.

The focus was to share insights into the most recent projects, innovations, investments and policy developments in the hydrogen market

Molecular Products’ makes a unique catalyst that is used in the conversion of gas to liquid hydrogen. It’s the secret sauce in the liquefaction process and is working its magic in liquid hydrogen plants all over the world.

Dr Richard Mackay, Molecular Products’ R&D Manager, had an opportunity to share the stage with other industry leaders during the summit. He shared his insights on the crucial job their ortho to para hydrogen catalysts – OP Catalyst – plays in the conversation of hydrogen from a gas to a liquid more productively. Without it, 50% of the liquid hydrogen produced would boil off during the first 10 days of storage.

With the global spotlight very much on green hydrogen production and the expanding role it will play in the clean energy transition, Molecular Products’ catalyst is helping make the world more productive.

In bringing together the US hydrogen community at the summit, one thing was clear – hydrogen’s moment has arrived!

A truly remarkable opportunity for our team to spread more mission to more people and places.