Custom Solutions

Our experience

Some of the world’s largest companies and organizations trust us to develop their most important innovations. Over the past 40 years Molecular Products has developed a global reputation for designing products and providing cutting edge custom solutions for maintaining breathable atmospheres in enclosed environments. Our innovation portfolio extends across a broad range of markets including medical, defense, diving and industrial safety.

Our people

Our scientists and engineers have extensive experience of working with customers to turn ideas into products that support life in some of the world’s most challenging environments. With a deep rooted technical understanding of a range of product applications, our people are drawn from a broad range of disciplines and are experts in research, design, technology, engineering and manufacturing.

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Our Capabilities

When protecting lives, product performance and quality are paramount. That’s why Molecular Products operate and manufacture to the stringent requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Our experience of manufacturing in and for highly regulated markets has led to our track record of passing regulatory approvals first-time on new product developments. These include FDA, CE, NIOSH and MSHA to name but a few.

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Our facilities

The research, design and development of Molecular Products technologies are realized by our in-house teams in the USA and UK. Ongoing investment in maintaining first-class facilities demonstrates our commitment to providing a seamless innovation process for our customers, from concept right through to manufacture.

Our product, Your label

For the medical market, we manufacture soda lime for absorbing carbon dioxide in closed-circuit anesthesia under our own brand name Sofnolime and for a broad range of global OEMs. We are proud that the world’s leading anesthesia machine manufacturers and healthcare companies choose Molecular Products to design and make their portfolio of CO2 absorbers.

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