Electronically activated chemical oxygen generator providing 2600 litres of breathable oxygen. Designed as a plug and play solid oxygen system, the eMPOG integrates into existing environmental control systems in enclosed environments, such as submarines and mine rescue chambers, enabling oxygen generation to be managed electronically.

The eMPOG design is based on the MPOG oxygen generator, which is used by NATO navies all over the world to manage atmospheres onboard submarines. By nature of its design the composition of solid oxygen means that it contains no pressure, which is what sets it apart from more traditional oxygen sources and makes it safe for use in enclosed spaces.

Part of a family of solid oxygen systems that includes the EO2-30, CAN33 and ROG, these life support systems have been making the world safer, healthier, and more productive for over 30 years.

Current part number: OC01-00002 (unit) and RM01-00504 (electronic ignition module) / Old part number: MMPOGP38N27

Primary Application Areas:

Defense, Safety, Mining,

Gas types:


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