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Sodasorb® and Sodasorb® LF carbon dioxide absorbent is manufactured by Molecular Products. You’re landing here as Smiths Medical are no longer carrying this product line.

Get in touch with the Molecular Products team today for all your Sodasorb and Sodasorb LF needs. Our number one priority is to ensure you can easily source our CO2 absorbent and continue to provide your customers with the market leading brand.


Sodasorb is a high value soda lime, offering superior performance and reasonable cost. Suitable for use in low flow anesthesia breathing circuits, Sodasorb offers a white to violet color change providing a clear visible indication of when the product is exhausted.

  • Some of the reason clinicians choose Sodasorb include:
  • Exceptional absorption capacity, as proven in third party testing
  • Medical grade soda lime, designed for clinical use
  • Trusted by anesthesiologists for nearly 90 years
  • Manufacturing processes minimize dust and enable consistent bed packing to provide an even gas flow through the absorber
008860Sodasorb Canister Pak Refill Bags12 per box
008870Sodasorb Pre Pak Canister Discs12 per box
008880Sodasorb 5 Gallon Pail1 each

Canister Pak


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Sodasorb LF

Sodasorb LF eliminates the potential dangers associated with low flow conditions such as Compound A, carbon monoxide, heat and desiccation. Its patented formulation curbs the degradation of anesthetic gases while retaining superior efficiency when compared to conventional absorbents.


Some of the reason clinicians rely on Sodasorb LF include:

  • Permanent color change
  • Elimination of Compound A
  • Low pH for easy and safer disposal
008865Sodasorb LF Canister Pak Refill Bags12 per box
008875Sodasorb LF Pre Pak Canister Discs12 per box

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